How to see your purchased apps in iOS

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Here you have a mini “how to” see your purchased apps in iOS.


1.  Go to App Store  and click on it


2. Go to updates  and click on purchased




3.  If you click all you can see a whole list of apps that you bought or download.



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10GB by Google

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Google gives all comers 15 gigabytes’ worth of free storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Plus Photos. Not a bad chunk of space just for having a heartbeat.

Of course, more is always better, especially when you don’t have to pay for it. And Google is now offering exactly that, though there are a couple small catches.

From now through Sept. 26, you have the opportunity to score an extra 10GB of Google Drive space, no extra charge.

The requirement: Install the new Quickoffice app for Android or iOS–which, incidentally, is also now free. Then sign into your Google account via that app. Presto! You get another 10GB of gratis storage.

What’s the catch? First, it won’t appear right away; Google says to look for the space increase “in the next few weeks.” Second, this isn’t a permanent bump, though it is a lengthy one: you get the freebie for the next two years.

So i think it´s quite good for storage with 10 GB you can do lot´s go things I have just 2.5 with Dropbox. But google´s strategy it´s very easy i need more costumers to depend on me.

Do this or buy a 32 GB USB por 8 Euros.

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FitBit Flex

Excuse me while I Flex #fitbit #fitness #tech

Excuse me while I Flex


Today I would love to tell you about my new toy. Don’t forget that I am an IT Professional so I am all day long at the office sitting and drinking coffee “That´s not an healthy life” that s why i bought my FitBit Flex.

¿What is Fitbit Flex?

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Ultra activity tracker in teal, worn with blue jeans

The Fitbit Tracker uses a three-dimensional accelerometer, similar to that in the Wii Remote, to sense user movement. The Tracker measures steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, floors climbed, and activity duration and intensity. It uses an OLED display to display this and other information such as the battery level. It also measures sleep quality: how long it takes the wearer to fall asleep, how often they wake up over the course of the night, and how long they are actually asleep.

wireless base station is included to receive data from the Tracker and also charge its battery. When connected to a computer the base station will upload data to the Fitbit. From the website, a number of features are possible: seeing an overview of physical activity, setting and tracking goals, keeping food and activity logs, and interacting with friends. Use of the website is free.

Development history

The product was announced on September 9, 2008 at TechCrunch50 during the “Mobile” session. Fitbit received positive reactions during its panel from experts like Rafe NeedlemanTim O’Reilly, and Evan Williams who cited its wearability, price point, and lack of subscription fees.

The Fitbit Classic tracked only steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, activity intensity, and sleep. It was designed to be a small black and teal device that could be clipped discreetly onto clothing and worn 24/7.

So guys if you do the same that I do buy a Flex and monitor all your activities even your food.

Here how it works.