How to Change the Keyboard Language of a Mac

HI remoters,

We all had problems to choose our keyboard language….so here you have a mini tutorial “How to”

1. Firstly, access the Apple menu by single-clicking on the Apple logo in the top left hand corner of the screen. The menu will appear


2. Move your mouse down and click “System Preferences”. Doing this will open the System Preferences application. . On the top row of the System Preferences window you will see a flag with “International” written beneath it. Click on this.


3. Just click on + button and open the language menu


4. You will now see a long list of languages. Ignore these, and click on “Input Menu”, on the top right.


Like i said easy to change your keyboard language and now you have any language you want.

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Turn off you Mac screen

Hi remoters.

Here you have a mini How To shut down your Mac screen.

1. If you have a keyboard like I do press Ctrl+Shift+Eject



Now you just have to put your screen in sleep mode and enjoy  sunday.

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Set up iCloud with Mac OS X

Hi remoters.

Here you have a small tutorial about how to  set up iCloud with Mac OS X.

1. How to set up iCloud -> Open System Preferences


2. Click on the iCloud icon.


3. Put your Apple user and password.



4.  And there you have it.


As you can see i m using iCloud to store my things.

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