How to see your purchased apps in iOS

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Here you have a mini “how to” see your purchased apps in iOS.


1.  Go to App Store  and click on it


2. Go to updates  and click on purchased




3.  If you click all you can see a whole list of apps that you bought or download.



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Apple Best Sellers App´s

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After 50 billion downloads, here are the ten best sellers

Apple announced this week that its App Store has served up 50 billion downloads, a remarkable amount for an online retailer that has existed for just under four years. To celebrate this milestone, Apple has also released lists of the top all-time paid and free iPhone and iPad apps. In this slideshow, we’ll go over the top all-time paid iPhone apps to give you a sense of just what has motivated iPhone users to plunk down heard-earned cash over the past four years (hint: lots of games!)

Plants vs. Zombies

The Moron Test


Pocket God

Tiny Wings

Words With Friends

Cut the Rope

Doodle Jump

Fruit Ninja

Angry Birds

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5 Elite Apps that Will Make Your Mac Unstoppable

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Today i want to share with you 5 elite apps that will make your Mac Unstoppable.

  1. TechTool Pro 6

    Perform Complete Diagnostics Checks on Your Mac



    • One-click diagnostics that scans critical CPU, memory, and hardware to identify problems
    • Helps prevent costly machine repairs
    • Tests & rebuilds damaged directories on corrupted hard drives
    • Recovers lost data from corrupted drives or volumes
  2. Path Finder 6 Access & Manage Your Files Quick As Lightning



  • Easily and quickly access any files at any time
  • Dozens of useful features that help improve your productivity
  • Extreme customization allows you to hunt down specific information when you need it
  • Designed to work with a variety of different workflows

3.   TextExpander 4

        Type More with Less Effort



  • The ultimate typing shortcut utility that will save you time and effort
  • Automatically fix the typos you make the most
  • Create custom keyboard shortcuts to avoid typing the same thing over and over
  • Winner of the 2010 Macworld Editors’ Choice Award

4.   MacHider

The Cutting Edge Solution to Hiding Your Private Data



  • Hide your confidential information from unwanted eyes
  • Simple interface allows for easy and powerful use
  • Protect certain folders and files with one click
  • Organize all your private files and folders for easy access

5.  Dropzone 2

Easily & Quickly Get Things Done on Your Mac



  • Quickly launch applications, open files, and upload content to your Mac
  • Use Amazon S3 to create your own personal cloud sharing solution
  • Snap and share quick screenshots with anyone

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