How to see your purchased apps in iOS

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Here you have a mini “how to” see your purchased apps in iOS.


1.  Go to App Store  and click on it


2. Go to updates  and click on purchased




3.  If you click all you can see a whole list of apps that you bought or download.



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Changing Default Fonts in Outlook 2013

Changing Default Fonts in Outlook 2013

You are actually going to be given the option to set default fonts for a number of different scenarios, but we are going to focus on setting a default font for new messages in Outlook 2013. If you decide that you also want to set a default font for messages that you reply to, or messages that are written in plain text, you can still follow these same steps, but you will need to select the appropriate option in step 6.

Step 1: Launch Outlook 2013.

Step 2: Click the File tab at the top-left corner of the window.

click the file tab

Step 3: Click Options in the column on the left.

click the options button

Step 4: Click Mail in the left column of the Outlook Options window.

select the mail option

Step 5: Click the Stationery and Fonts button at the right side of the window.

click the stationery and fonts button

Step 6: Click the Font button under New mail messages. As noted earlier, you can come back to this screen later to change the default font for messages to which you reply or forward, or for plain text messages.

how to change the default font in outlook 2013

Step 7: Choose your default font, and select any of the other settings that you want to apply to it. You don’t need to worry about the Set as Default button at the bottom-left corner of the window. That will remain grayed out as you are making changes.

choose your default font settings

Step 8: Click the OK button to save your changes, then click the OK buttons on the Signature and Stationery and Outlook Options windows to return to Outlook.

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Microsoft Office for iPad

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¿Do you have an iPAD? Soon you will be available Office for iPAD.

Microsoft’s long-awaited Office for iPad app has finally been confirmed by Steve Ballmer while speaking at a Gartner event on Tuesday. The outgoing CEO hasn’t provided a release date for the iPad app, so don’t expect it anytime soon, but it’s reassuring to hear it’s in the works.

Ballmer said the “iPad will be picked up when there’s a touch first user interface.” He’s referring to a touch interface for the Windows version of Office that has been teased by Microsoft and is expected to launch at some point alongside Windows 8.1.

Users have been waiting for an iPad version of Microsoft Office since the release of the iPad in 2010. It’s no secret Microsoft has dominated the space, even with Apple trying to compete with its iWorks suite full of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

Microsoft dipped its toes into the iOS waters with the release of a version of Office for the iPhone that offers basic document editing with a subscription to Office 365. iPad support was left out by Microsoft, wanting users to access Office 365 online instead.

Details on a version of Office for iPad are scarce, but if we had to guess, users will be forced to have an Office 365 subscription. They probably won’t be able to buy the app outright like Apple does with Pages. Of course, Microsoft could always surprise us.

Is waiting until late-2014 to release a sweeping Microsoft Office suite for iOS and Android in 2014. It will come as part of the as part of the “Gemini” updates Microsoft has planned for the Office platform.

Gemini is said to be bringing updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, expanding on its features to make users more productive in their daily work. ZDNet says the first wave of updates could be full Metro-Style/Windows Store versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So far, Microsoft has released only OneNote and Lync as Metro-styled Office apps.

Now we wait for the touch version of Office for Windows.

So finally we can use it in our tablets, but I really want Office 2013 for my MAC and my favourite One Note.


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