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  1. how to fix error 1669 ituns plz !! this error come when i update my iphone 5 from ios 6 to ios 7 from 1 month 😦 !! plz any body know any thing about this error help me 😦 😦 !!


    • how to fix error 1669
      STEP 1: Delete iTunes from your computer. Also make sure you remove the cache(open itunes then press edit wich is located on the tool bar and then click on preferences and then go to advanced and click on reset warrnings and reset cache).
      then go to your hard disk and go to program files and delete folder named itunes.
      Note: If you have any libraries or locally cached data that you want to keep, temporarily store them somewhere until you get the situation fixed.
      STEP 2: Once it is completely deleted, download iTunes 11.1 from Apple servers.
      STEP 3: Download iTunes 11.1 from here.
      STEP 4: Now connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer.
      STEP 5: Click “restore”, it should present you with a notification saying a new version is available.
      STEP 6: Simply Click download and install, and sit back and relax.
      The process should be completed and your error 1669 should be fixed.

      Please let me know if it worked!!! Take care


    • Hi again,

      I had another case that we fixed with like this
      “I just connected to my itunes again today and started to do a factory reset and it solved the issue.. Luckily it did not hang halfway and did not show that error message 1669.. As I did all my backups last night before this problem, I restored from backup after the factory reset so now my iphone is back to normal..”

      Please let me know if it work so like this I can put the solutions into my DB.

      Thanks again and thanks for following this website


  2. Hi follower,

    Restoring will definetly not solve your problem, or will solve your problem temporaly. I strongly recommend you that you copy all your data to an external drive and format your computer.

    ¿What’s your os OS? If you need help with the installation please let us know.



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