Does technology unite or isolate us?

Rose Hendricks

Warnings of technology’s isolating effects seem to be everywhere. This video (which quotes Alone Togethera really great read on the social effects of technology), presents a pretty thought-provoking depiction of loneliness as a result of new internet-based behaviors and norms like accumulating 500+ “friends” on social networking sites without truly connecting with any. This seems to represent the most widely vocalized opinion.

But today I read a Wired article by Balaji Srinivasan that made a point for the opposite: instead of isolating us, “the technology space” brings many people together. Srinivasan points out:

it is the cloud that has become the destination for an extraordinary mental exodus. Hundreds of millions of people have now migrated to the cloud, spending hours per day working, playing, chatting, and laughing in real-time HD resolution with people thousands of miles away … without knowing their next-door neighbors.

Just as geographic distance can measure…

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