Top Job Website for IT

Top Job Websites For IT Contractors

Hi Remoters,

There seems to be more and more IT contracting job boards springing up on a daily basis across the internet. More doesn’t necessarily mean better as many job boards sit dormant and stacked high with advertising banners. So who should you use? It’s easy to get lost in a sea of  vacancies, so we have listed our favorite contracting job boards below for the UK. If you have any that you think are worthy of inclusion, please leave a comment.

  •  – a long standing contract & permanent job board offering vacancies from direct clients and agencies.
  •   a very popular job board for both contract and permanent vacancies, direct and agency listings
  • –  one of the biggest job boards offering permanent and contract roles from agencies and direct clients
  • – contract and permanent jobs from both direct and agency
  • – Lets not forget the power of Twitter for securing new contracts. Always worth a search, great way to get direct contracts with clients.
  •  – A great way to bring in new work, search through the jobs section and use your connections to get introductions. Don’t forget to think of your profile as your CV!
  •  – this one seem to have been around for years and years. Still some good opportunities to be had here, bot agency and direct clients ( mainly agency )

You can also setup job alerts on most of these job boards so you will get emailed when suitable jobs become available. Also worth setting up Google alerts which will monitor the web for certain keywords and search terms ” Oracle Developer Midlands ”  and will email you with the link. Some big agencies have jobs advertised on their website, so it’s worth checking in on them. Also, more and more companies are now present on twitter and often have their vacancies RSS feed running into their account, listing latest jobs.



Good luck with you search,

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