Wi-Fi T-Shirt

Hi Remoters,

¿Wanna stay connected? Very easy just try this new Wi-Fi T-Shirt and find your connection.

Forget pulling out your phone or laptop to see if you have WiFi signal, let your shirt do it for you! Our amazing Wifi T-shirt is a must for geeks and non-geeks alike. Watch it illuminate to show actual WiFi signal strength. Our Wifi T-shirt illuminates with 802.11b or 802.11g showing the precise strength.






So how does it work?…. Electro-luminescence (EL) is a technology in which a small electric current is passed through a phosphorus material. This current causes the material to radiate light. Electro-luminescence generates no heat and requires a very low power source, is light weight, flexible, durable, waterproof and landfill friendly because it’s production uses no hazardous materials. Just turn on the small battery pack that fits snugly in an interior pocket of the shirt and watch it go!

¿How it works video?

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