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The other day someone told me about this Office 365 and i was so curious about… so I started to investigate a little bit on internet and i said why not i will do the Office 365 Certificate so i have the exam in March..wish me good luck.

Meanwhile let me tell you what is this 365?

This article is about online, cloud-hosted Microsoft Office services which was in existence since 2011. For details on the new Office software suites that is similarly named, which will be available from 2013, see Office 2013.

Although Office 365 also often refers to cloud-based services rather than desktop applications, certain Office 365 subscription plans include a subscription to Office 20XX desktop applications in addition to cloud-based services.[3] The subscription to Office 20XX desktop applications, by virtue of the subscription, makes the subscription part of an Office 365 offering.
Office 365 was initially announced in the autumn of 2010, and was made available to the public on June 28, 2011.[4] The initial subscription plans included a Professional plan (for organizations of 25 and smaller) and an Enterprise plan (for organizations with more individuals)


Like always here you have a small video.


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