Top ten Clouds jobs

Hi everybody,

As Cloud Technology it´s something new in the market i would like to present you the top ten most required cloud jobs…let´s join the future.

1. Cloud architect

Job description: Spearhead the development and implementation of cloud-based initiatives to ensure that systems are scalable, reliable, secure, and supportable, and that they achieve business and IT performance and budgetary objectives

2. Cloud software engineer

Job description: Responsible for design and development of distributed software modules that integrate with cloud service providers.


3. Cloud sales: cloud sales executive, cloud sales representative, cloud sales consultant, cloud sales manager

Job description: Develop and grow a book of outsourced cloud business with C-level professionals in midsize and enterprise-level customers.

4. Cloud engineer

Job description: Plan and conduct technical tasks associated with the implementation and maintenance of internal enterprise-shared virtualization infrastructure.

5. Cloud services developer

Job description: Design and build the multi-platform customer-facing tools — such as sales interfaces and management portals — that serve as the gateway into how end users consume the underlying cloud services.

6. Cloud systems administrator

Job description: Configure and maintain the systems that comprise the underlying cloud platform. Troubleshoot when problems arise and plan for future cloud capacity requirements.

7. Cloud consultant

Job description: Conduct technical studies and evaluations of business area requirements and recommends to IT management appropriate cloud technology options.

8. Cloud systems engineer

Job description: Build the virtual systems that support the cloud implementation.

9. Cloud network engineer

Job description: Perform the implementation, operational support, maintenance, and optimization of network hardware, software, and communication links of the cloud infrastructure.

10. Cloud product manager

Job description: Perform product planning for cloud-based offerings including creating product concept and strategy documents, creating requirements specifications, identifying product positioning, and enabling the sales processes (licensing, pricing, packaging, benefits, etc.).

I hope you gonna find your future job in the cloud computing…good luck,


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By Vlad Precup

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