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My today´s post is about dropbox….why dropbox? this is not a new utility in our life…but i will tell you why I choose to post about dropbox today, because i had to use it and i´m sure many of you don´t know what is dropbox….so here´s dropbox.



Dropbox: Why is Dropbox more popular than other programs with similar functionality?

ome pretty extensive answers here, but in a nutshell:

It’s simple.
It WORKS, except in China.
It’s cheap (free).
Great for critical files (like photos, docs, etc.)
It’s universal (PC, Mac, Linux, mobile).
Effectively combines fun and function (love sharing with others).
The social networking angle works well.
A business case can also be made for this – we’re using it in our work with field techs.
It’s scalable – after people see the benefits, paying for additional storage or history has more value.
More storage capacity can be acquired for free.
Catchy name and graphic (branding/marketing).
The network effect (compare it with its competitors using Google trends).
It does not automatically affect the storage system or capacity on your harddisk.
It has a very good API for developers.
Techy young folk can suggest it to parents and not have to fix it monthly

Here you have the webpage  https://www.dropbox.com and of course a video with how to use it, instead of using a USB Key.

Here you have a video..

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