Bento for Mac

Today we gonna talk like always about Apple, the application that i discovered the other day it´s “Bento” you can find this app in the Apple Store for something like 40 E.


So this is one of my project template that i made, just for trying to understand how the application works.

¿So what is Bento?

Bento 4 Filemaker’s personal database application for the Mac, is a perennial favorite because of how simple it is to use and how easy it is to sync data between your computer and your iOS devices. But there have been completely justifiable complaints about Bento—for such a consumer-focused application, it lacked some very obvious consumer-focused features. Namely, it was impossible to print labels with the application unless you resorted to a workaround using your Mac’s Address Book app. The other issue was that, while Bento allowed you to print your data, what your printed data looked like was a glorified print screen, not a professional form that you’d want to send to your customers or friends.

Bento 4 fixes that, offering you over 250 label templates and giving you the option to create your own label templates if the one you need isn’t available. In addition to labels, you can also export templates that contain data and Bento 4 has added a number of new field types that allow you to take advantage of location and audio information collected when you use Bento’s iOS apps. In short, Bento 4 rescues Bento from being a kind of cute but impractical boutique application, making it an excellent and inexpensive way to manage a variety of data.

Bento’s biggest shortcoming in earlier versions of the application was its inability to print labels. Odd, I know, given that Bento is geared toward home and small business users, probably the one crowd of users most likely to need a feature such as label printing. Now, Bento makes it impressively easy to print custom labels from any Bento collection, but in a way that is far different than you might expect. For example, if you want to print address labels for your holiday cards, you select your Holiday List library, then select File -> Print -> Labels. When Bento’s print dialog opens, you see a special label printing menu where you can select the label you want to use from a pre-defined list of standard labels or create your own from label measurements. Addresses are added using a single checkbox, but you can also add your own text, images, or other database fields.

While using a print dialog for label layouts may seem counterintuitive‚ most applications, including Filemaker’s flagship application‚ have you create a label document that you then merge your label data into. Bento, by using the print dialog, effectively eliminates your need to fiddle with merge fields, which pretty much takes the difficulty out of the whole process. Furthermore, using Bento’s Spotlight-like search field to select records and then choosing the print label option, you can quickly and easily create a filtered list of the contacts that you want to print labels for. For the smart search-minded, create a Finder-like Smart Collection, and you can easily filter out only the data you want to see and print on labels.


So this is Bento, if you choose to buy this app you can find it in AppStore.


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By Vlad Precup



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