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Hi again,

This week it looks like it s automator week so i ll continue with some more script´s that i like and may be very userful for our daily work with our Mac.


Quit All Applications  ( before i shut down my Mac i m quitting all applications, so i think this is very userful)

Sometimes you may get to a point in your work when you realize your workspace is completely cluttered and you’ve lost track of what you have open and what you don’t. It’s time for a fresh start. Wouldn’t it be nice to just quit everything with a click of the mouse? Let’s make a short Automator application to take care of that for us.

This workflow only requires one action. Create a new application and add in the Quit All Applications action located under the Utilities section into the workflow. It is possible to add some applications that will be exceptions and stay open when the application runs. Maybe you want to keep your email client open. Add that application to the list and it will stay open.

Put this application in your Dock and run it whenever you need to refresh!

Quit All Applications

Quit All Applications Workflow


And another very important automator script i think it s the backup, so i will attach you the steps of how to do that with your Mac.


Automatic Backup

If you’re not currently performing regular backups (or even if you are), here is another really simple method for automatically backing up some important items.

This applicaiton will use iCal to trigger the copying of a specified file. Create a new workflow, but this time use the iCal template as a starting point. By using iCal we’re able to trigger this workflow to run based on a calendar entry.

Automatic BackupAutomatic Backup – Select iCal template  = very easy and like this we have our backup.


Thanks again

Vlad Precup




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