Automator Script´s

Hello everybody,

As i understood i have a lot of fans in Mac scripting so today i will show you my home made programs with the incredible Mac Automator.

I hope you will enjoy this incredible application because i sure did that.

¿What is automator?

Automator is an application developed by Apple for OS X that implements point-and-click (or drag-and-drop) creation of workflows for automating repetitive tasks into batches for quicker alteration, thus saving time and effort over human intervention to manually change each file separately. Automator enables the repetition of tasks across a wide variety of programs, including the Finder, the Safari web browser, iCalAddress Book and others. It can also work with third-party applications such as Microsoft OfficeAdobe Photoshop orPixelmator. Automator was first released with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4).


The image that I attach it s just a few of my automator script, i mean the scripts that i most use.



As the name says:


Vlad New Mail = it´s a simple automator script that open my email and it open´s a new mail page it looks like a stupid script but when you are in a hurry it´s perfect

Here is the example:


And i here i will attach how to create the script, very easy.

Open Automator -Mail -New Mail and there you have it.




Everything it´s so easy with Automator, please keep follow my blog and i ll do more examples of this script´s.


Thanks for follow my blog

Vlad Precup

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