Mountain-Biking ” La Pedriza”

Hi everybody,

Today is sunday so i m not gonna get you bored with some technology things, I’m  gonna tell you about the fantastic day that i had in Community Of Madrid – La Pedriza, a very very  intresting place to visit even if you want to walk even if you mountain-biking by the way i m a fan….so i woke up early o called my friend Javier and we want in “La Pedriza” almost 1 hour by car something like 60 Km from the center of Madrid.

We started going up from 900 meters were we parked the cars to 2000 meters the highest point,  so imagine how complicate was to go up, but we are men and we can do it, after 1 hour we stop in a very fancy  restaurant and we eat the famous spanish bocadillo by the way was delicious like everything when your starving 🙂

After 2 hours of pushing our heavy bikes, we had to go back, it was like heaven 10 km going down (incredible) our journey back of course it was much more shorter but we enjoyed a lot, till i finish falling in the last curve with my new bike…..anyway i m ok and i feel smarter.

I attached some pictures from “La Pedriza”











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